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Metropolitan Galleries

Metropolitan Galleries offers a vast collection of bronze fountains for the discerning customer seeking original, artistic and exquisitely crafted fountains. They specialize in developing magnificent bronze statuary and fountains skillfully constructed with breathtaking detail using the traditional, Lost Wax Bronze Casting method. This painstaking process ensures that each fountain sculpture is impeccably crafted and lifelike. Select from a wide range of radiant patinas and lustrous finishes to suit your style and taste. Bronze fountains offer a rarified, distinctive style that has endured the passage of time with timeless classic beauty, captured  forever in a sculpted bronze work of art.

Bronze is a coveted material with a burnished beauty that is highly desired. Bronze fountains elegantly glisten under the light of day while LED lights artfully illuminate the lustrous burnished coppery-brown hues during the evening hours. You can maintain a classic bronze look with  proper care or allow it to develop a gorgeous blueish green patina naturally over time as its exposed to the elements. Bronze fountains have a timeless and classic appeal that never goes out of style.  These highly prized sculptured works of art will add value, and beautify to your surroundings for decades to come.