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Fountain Fresh is an all-natural water clarifier that contains a unique blend of enzymes and extracts to prevent algae growth when used as directed. It also helps to keep water clean and clear. Ideal for birdbaths, fountains, and all self contained water features. 


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Enjoy Clean, Clear & Algae-Free Water with Smart Living Fountain Fresh Water Clarifier Pods 80910R01

This all-natural and non-toxic water treatment will keep water features free from algae growth, green slime, surface staining, and odor. It is not an algaecide so it will not kill algae from dirty water once it has grown. It keeps clean water clear from the start. The pod dissolves in warm water and is safe for humans, pets, fish, birds, and plants. No scooping or measuring required!

Fountain Fresh by Smart Living Overview:

  • Unique blend of enzymes & extracts prevents algae growth in water
  • Non-toxic, all-natural, completely safe for plants, birds, fish, and pets to drink
  • Keeping your water clean helps maintain the life of your fountain pump
  • Moving water prevents mosquitoes from laying eggs & attracts more birds
  • Perfect for use in birdbaths, outdoor fountains, and self-contained water features
  • Works with electric fountains and solar fountains alike
  • 1 resealable bag contains 25 water-soluble pods
  • 1 pod treats up to 25 gallons and lasts up to 4 weeks
  • Made in the USA!

Warning: For California Residents-PROP 65

Smart Living fountain fresh bag of water clarifier pods

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