10 Luxury Driveway Fountain Ideas to Beautify Your Home

10 Luxury Driveway Fountain Ideas to Beautify Your Home

Driveway Fountains can add just the right ambience to your home. These fountains age beautifully over time and add a touch of majesty wherever they are placed. Enhance your water feature by adding LED lights to create the perfect view, day or night.

There are many benefits to adding a water fountain to your outdoor space. They can enhance the curb appeal of your property, impressing visitors from their first moment of arrival. Grandiose circular driveway fountains will give a stately look to front entrances.

Classic estate fountains provide an elegant touch at front entrances, gardens, and courtyards. Enjoy an intimate garden party or a family celebration elevated by the sounds of water cascading over the fountain tiers.

Whether you're looking to impress your guests with a majestic view or add a touch of beauty to your grounds, there's an outdoor fountain to suit your needs. You can explore our fountains below to identify the perfect one for you.

1. Fonthill Fountain in Basin

The Fonthill Fountain in Basin is a stately water fountain, sure to catch the eye of your guests. It will make a gorgeous circular driveway water fountain or courtyard centerpiece for your home. Choose the location strategically in an expansive landscape to provide a gorgeous focal point. The patina of this large estate fountain is customizable in colors like Brownstone and Verde, so you can truly make it your own. This majestic water feature will age beautifully over time, impressing all who see it.

2. Fonthill Fountain

The Fontill Fountain is a gorgeous, classical finial fountain with pool. Standing just over 6 feet tall, its lovely curves enhance the classically elegant three tiered structure. The water cascades gracefully from the ornate top tier down to the lowest basin. Meditate or simply bask in the calm this exquisite fountain provides. This water feature will make an elegant and unforgettable centerpiece for any driveway or entrance.

3. Caterina Fountain in Basin

This two tiered Caterina Fountain in Basin is an excellent focal point for a front entrance. Choose a hand-applied patina in a color like Copper Bronze or Ferro Rustico Nuovo to create a gorgeous, custom driveway fountain. The sounds of this large outdoor water feature with pool will promote relaxation and a sense of calm for all who hear it. A durable, water-resistant fountain cover will prolong the life of your fountain, protecting it from very cold or wet weather. Your cast stone fountain is designed to age naturally over time, and will delight guests for many years to come.

4. Parisienne Two Tier Fountain

The Parisienne Two Tier Fountain is a luxurious cast stone fountain. Ornate lion heads surround the middle tier to create beautiful spouts for the water to cascade gently down to the lowest basin. The pool at the base of the fountain is artfully designed with beautiful flowers and graceful curves. This 2295 lb fountain easily plugs into a 3-prong 110V(AC) GFCI protected outlet, making it simple to operate. A truly stunning piece, this fountain will be an excellent water feature for any expansive landscape.

5. Charleston Fountain in Basin

The Charleston Fountain in Basin is an elegant water feature for a driveway entry, garden, or any well-manicured landscape. A pineapple finial adorns the top of this fountain, while beautiful leaf patterns trim the two tiers to complete this elegant look. No plumbing is required to operate this fountain, since the water recirculates on its own. An automatic refill device is also available, so you can easily maintain your desired water level and keep it at a constant height. At just above 7 feet tall, this majestic fountain will surely draw the eye of visitors and neighbors alike.

6. Newport Fountain

The Newport Fountain's stunningly elegant and traditional design is the perfect driveway centerpiece to impress your friends and neighbors. Beautiful yet understated curves enhance the simple elegance of this fountain. This gorgeous water feature will provide a distinguished feel to your front entrance. A customizable hand-applied patina in your choice of 14 colors like Lead Antique or just simply Natural will add a unique touch to this fountain.

Illuminate your fountain with one or more LED lights for a dramatic night-time effect. A Dusk Til' Dawn sensor will turn the lights on and off for you at just the right intervals. Enjoy the sight and sounds of this lovely fountain during an afternoon garden party or an elegant night-time event.

7. Monteros Fountain

The beautiful contours of the Monteros Fountain are elegant and refined. This three tiered water feature is enthralling to listen to and lovely to look at. Its square base perfectly complements the gorgeous curves of its tiers. Any driveway, garden, or courtyard will be elevated with the addition of this fountain, which stands a little over 6 feet tall. Savor the relaxing sounds of water cascading down these three tiers with your friends, neighbors and guests alike.

8. Monteros Fountain in Basin

Standing at a towering 6.5 feet and weighing 3760 lbs, the Monteros Fountain in Basin is a traditional large fountain with a classic feel. This grand water feature is perfect for a driveway, with its stunning three tiers and magnificent lower pool. The perfect patina in the color of your choice like Greystone or Lead Antique will enhance the grandeur of this impressive piece. Place one or more LED lights directly in the water of the basin for a striking night time view. Impress your guests from the moment they arrive with this stately, timeless water feature.

9. Beaufort Fountain

A gorgeous pineapple finial gilds the top of the Beaufort Fountain, an impressive two tiered water feature with pool weighing 3457 lbs. Driveways with fountains like this one are greatly enhanced by its stately and regal presence. This fountain will also make a majestic focal point for a large courtyard, garden, or expansive landscape, standing just over 5.5 feet tall. Revel in the calming and tranquil sounds as the water flows gracefully over the beautiful two tiers.

10. Estate Longvue Fountain

Homes with estate fountains like the Estate Longvue add splendor and magnificence to your landscaped grounds. Greatly enhance your home's curb appeal by placing this three tiered fountain with basin in a circular driveway, a meticulously-manicured garden, or within a beautifully-designed courtyard.

Elevate the glamour and grandeur of this majestic fountain with the addition of LED lights to capture its beauty in the evenings. Choose the perfect patina in a color like Pietra Nuova or Alpine Stone to add your personal touch to this luxurious fountain. Visitors and neighbors alike will be in awe of this majestic water feature.


Choosing the perfect driveway fountain is a fantastic way to enhance the curb appeal of your home and welcome guests with style. A durable cast stone fountain is a wonderful long term investment that will last for many years, aging gracefully and naturally over time.

Classic estate fountains in your choice of a customizable patina beautify and add a touch of grandeur to a home. Circular driveway fountains make the perfect centerpiece for a majestic front entryway and will increase your home's curb appeal. A driveway fountain at the entrance to your home adds an elegant touch to your well-manicured landscape.

A gorgeous fountain in your driveway makes a statement that will impress your guests and make your house stand out from others on the street. Any outdoor water fountain on this list chosen for your driveway will greatly enhance the majesty and beauty of your home.

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