12 Magnificent Estate Fountains to Transform Your Landscape

12 Magnificent Estate Fountains to Transform Your Landscape

Estate fountains are a fantastic investment that will add class and luxury to your home. Be the envy of your neighbors with a beautiful new water feature that commands attention and adds a strong presence to your outdoor space. Your choice of any of the fountains on this list will truly transform and elevate your landscape.

Luxury Fountains that Enhance Any Outdoor Space

A fountain placed in your driveway or garden will beautify your estate and enhance your landscape. There are many choices to consider as you identify the perfect fountain to add a grandiose presence to your grounds. Identifying the right material, size, and aesthetic is a matter of considering your landscape and choosing an estate fountain to match.

Luberon Estate Fountain

Luberon Estate Fountain in aged limestone in the backyard

Standing just over 6 feet tall and weighing 2,747 pounds, the magnificent Luberon Estate Fountain is a grandiose choice for any home. Designed in the architectural style of water features with a European flair, this majestic fountain is sure to capture the attention of your friends and neighbors. Skillfully crafted from durable cast stone, this estate fountain is available in 14 different finishes. Choose from a hand-applied patina like Aged Limestone to create the perfect, unique look to match your manicured landscape. The addition of LED lights will elevate and illuminate your property in the evenings.

Fonthill Fountain in Basin

Fonthill Fountain in basin in alpine stone in the backyard

With its stunning tiers, the Fonthill Fountain in Basin stands well above 6 feet tall and weighs 3,761 pounds, making it a stunning statement centerpiece on your property. Choose a gorgeous color like Alpine Stone and place it at the center of a circular driveway, near a front entrance or in the middle of a grand garden to anchor a well-manicured landscape. This magnificent, cast stone fountain is designed to age beautifully outdoors over time, making it an investment that you can enjoy for many years to come. Select a fountain cover to help protect it from the elements especially during the cold, winter months.

Fonthill Fountain

Fonthill Fountain in alpine stone in the backyard

The beautifully curved, cast stone three tier Fonthill Fountain is an excellent choice to accent a grand entryway, circular driveway or manicured landscape.This classic fountain, available in 14 different patinas, adds grace and elegance to your property. Standing at over 6 feet tall and weighing 1,245 pounds, this grand estate fountain will captivate guests and neighbors alike with its regal beauty. Enjoy the lovely sound of cascading water as it falls from one tier to the next. Easily eliminate the need for continuous refilling of the fountain with the use of an autorefill device which also maintains the water's level at a constant height.

Beaufort Fountain

Beaufort Fountain in pietra nuova in the backyard

Enjoy the elegant simplicity of the Beaufort Fountain anywhere you want a touch of classic beauty on your luxurious estate. A well-manicured landscape, circular driveway or expansive garden will be the perfect place for this cast stone water feature. Crowned with a lovely finial and having two tiers with a large pool basin at the bottom, this stately fountain will elevate the look of any outdoor setting. At almost six feet in height and weighing 3,457 pounds, this water feature will command attention and admiring gazes from both guests and neighbors alike. Easily complement your home's color palette by selecting from 14 available finishes. Protect your investment during the cold and rainy season with a medium fountain cover to extend its lifespan.

Estate Longvue Fountain

Estate Longvue Fountain in alpine stone in the backyard

The Estate Longvue Fountain has a commanding presence, weighing 1,758 pounds and standing over 6 and a half feet tall. This luxurious cast stone fountain, available in 14 color choices, is an eye-catching statement piece. Its three lovely tiers topped with a decorative finial add a majestic and regal presence to any estate. Let the sounds of flowing water from tier to tier bring a sense of calmness and serenity to your surroundings. Enhance the beauty and elegance of this fountain with the addition of LED Lights for a magical display of light in the evenings.

Monteros Fountain in Basin

Monteros Fountain in Basin in alpine stone in the backyard

The majestic, cast stone Monteros Fountain in Basin will make a perfect statement piece for your estate. This 3,760 pound fountain comes in 14 different color options to complement your home's color palette. Place this magnificent, 6 ½ foot, tiered fountain in your garden, driveway, or courtyard to add a regal touch. Enhance your beautiful estate with this water feature and impress friends and neighbors alike with its elegance. Illuminate this fountain in the evenings with the addition of stunning LED lights. Perfect for nights when you're entertaining guests or having an intimate, romantic dinner.

Monteros Fountain

Monteros Fountain in alpine stone in the backyard

Mesmerize your guests with the sight and sounds of the sophisticated and elegant, three tier Monteros Fountain. Standing at just over 6 feet tall and weighing 1,244 pounds, this fountain oozes class and beauty. Customizable in 14 different hand-applied patinas, this cast stone fountain will add a unique touch to your outdoor space. Place this water feature on a manicured landscape, front entryway or in a lush green garden for maximum visual impact and affect. Maintain your fountain in pristine condition with the use of a medium fountain cover to help protect your investment from the wet and cold weather.

Charleston Fountain in Basin

Charleston Fountain in Basin in french limestone in the backyard

The charming pineapple finial and sophisticated, leaf-patterned accents on its two tiers give the Charleston Fountain in Basin a touch of class and character. Grace your entryway, courtyard or perfectly manicured landscape with this glorious 3,429 pound cast stone fountain in your choice of 14 hand-applied patinas. Captivate your guests with the regal beauty of this over 7-foot tall masterpiece. Allow the sounds of falling water cascading from tier to tier to bring a sense of peace and serenity to your surroundings. Make this fountain easy to maintain by selecting an Auto Refill Device, which will keep the water at a constant height and eliminate the need for manually reflling.

Three Tier Longvue Fountain

Three Tier Longvue Fountain in alpine stone in the backyard

Standing just above 6 feet tall and weighing 1,091 pounds, the cast stone Longvue Fountain is beautifully designed with three shapely tiers, a classy pedestal base and an ornamental finial top. This eye-catching water feature is sure to delight family, friends and guests alike when placed in a circular driveway, lush garden or sunlit courtyard. The scalloped detail in each basin adds an elegant touch that makes this fountain the ultimate centerpiece. Create a unique look with this water feature by selecting from 14 different color options that are all hand-applied. Enjoy the beauty of this fountain in the evenings with the addition of stunning LED lights.

Caterina Fountain in Basin

Caterina Fountain in Basin in nero nuovo in the backyard

Skillfully crafted from durable cast stone, the stately Caterina Fountain in Basin is designed to be a bold and striking centerpiece for your estate. Place this water feature in a circular driveway, front entrance or expansive landscape to add visual appeal and maximum impact. This impressive fountain weighs 1,934 pounds and stands just under 5 feet tall. Available in 14 different patinas to complement a wide variety of tastes and personal preferences. Enjoy a hands-off experience by opting for an Auto Refill Device that makes refilling your fountain easy and automatic.

Parisienne Two Tier Fountain

Parisienne Two Tier Fountain in alpine stone in the backyard

The ornate, cast stone Parisienne Two Tier Fountain exudes elegance and beauty. Multiple lions' heads grace the middle tier, adorning it with a regal presence and adding a touch of majesty to your landscape. This uniquely designed water feature, standing just over 5 feet tall and weighing 2,295 pounds, makes a perfect focal point in a variety of settings. Available in 14 different hand-applied patinas, you can easily select a finish to complement your home's color palette. Place this attractive fountain in your front entranceway, a circular driveway or lush garden as a striking centerpiece for all to see. Protect the beauty of this fountain during the cold winter months with a medium fountain cover.

Newport Fountain

Newport Fountain in greystone in the backyard

The grand and stately Newport Fountain commands attention in any setting. This water feature will make your home the envy of friends and neighbors. Its lovely tiers and pool basin are carefully crafted from durable cast stone which ages naturally and beautifully over time.This impressive fountain stands well above 6 feet and weighs 3,499 pounds. Customize this fountain in your choice of 14 different color options to complement or contrast your home's exterior color palette. Use LED Lights to illuminate this fountain in the evenings for your nightly dinner or special events.

Any one of these elegant and stately fountains will be an excellent choice for your beautiful estate. Enjoy the admiring glances and gazes on the faces of your friends and neighbors when they first see your stunning, new estate fountain. Remember to protect your investment with a fountain cover and other accessories to extend its lifespan and allow you and your family to enjoy the fountain for years to come.

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