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Buddha Head Fountain large in action in backyard featured image

20 Best Zen Water Fountains For Your Garden, Backyard or Patio

Your home should be a temple, a safe haven for your mind, body, and soul. It should not only look good, but your home should feel good as well. With zen water fountains, you can create a meditative oasis right in your own garden, backyard or patio.

Design a space where you can take time to slow down and unwind from your day-to-day life. Here are some zen water features you can add to your home to make it your peaceful sanctuary.

Buddha Head Fountain (Large)

Buddha Head Fountain, Large in action in the backyard

The large Buddha Head Fountain is a welcoming water feature that immediately instills in the spirit a feeling of calmness and tranquility. This fountain is carefully constructed using strong glass fiber reinforced concrete. The Rodda Bronze finish offers a beautiful contrast against any concrete areas of your outdoor space. With candle holders on the basin that illuminate the fountain in the evenings, this meditation fountain has an ethereal feel. This water feature creates a serene and peaceful ambiance perfect for gardens, courtyards, or patio settings.

Buddha Head Fountain (Small)

Buddha Head Fountain, Small in action in the backyard

The small Buddha head Fountain is ideal for enhancing and beautifying smaller spaces. This tranquil and zen buddha fountain works perfectly as a centerpiece between lush greenery with beautiful foliage and flowers and as a focal point in a patio or courtyard setting. While smaller and more diminutive than its larger counterpart, this fountain works well in tight spaces, garden corners, or on sun-drenched balconies and terraces. This hand-painted water feature brings an Asian-inspired feel and zen-like vibe to your outdoor space. This fountain evokes a peaceful, serene atmosphere inspiring reflection, quiet contemplation, and meditation.

Manzanita Fountain

Manzanita Outdoor Bubbler Fountain in greystone in the backyard

The elongated silhouette of the Manzanita bubbler fountain is tasteful, classy, and refined. It's subtle greystone hue remarkably complements a wide variety of decorating styles and landscape settings but also comes in 13 other patinas.

As a valuable addition to your outdoor space, this 202 pound sleekly designed modern water feature is the perfect accent piece to beautifully grace a garden, patio, terrace, or corner space. With its understated beauty and simplicity, this cast stone fountain is a timeless masterpiece that will never go out of style.

Low Zen Sphere Fountain

Low Zen Sphere Fountain in Pietra Nuova in the backyard

For gardens that have a contemporary feel to them, this modern zen fountain would be a superb addition. Skillfully crafted from durable cast stone, the Low Zen Sphere Fountain has an avant-garde design that catches the eye. The fountain with its stunning Pietra Nuova finish works beautifully as a standalone centerpiece, generating tunnel vision when the curious eye lands on it. The design of the fountain adds intrigue and flair to any outdoor space while also transporting your mind and spirit into a more zen-like state. This sphere fountain is a stylish element that can be artfully placed alongside paths made of stones in gardens, in sunlit courtyards and patio settings.

Carrera Oval Fountain

Carrera Oval Fountain in greystone in the backyard

If you want a decorative fountain with a simple design, this three-tiered small fountain can be the stylish element you're looking for. As the water gently cascades down from the top tier into the larger ones underneath, the Carrera Oval Fountain is both visually pleasing to the eyes and calming and soothing to the ears. The layered beauty of its tiers creates an alluring aesthetic that will capture the attention of all who gaze upon it. Artfully crafted from durable cast stone, the hand-painted verde finish will complement a wide range of outdoor settings and decor. This water feature is understated yet striking at the same time. Perfect for placement on patios, balconies, garden corners or surrounded by lush greenery and flowers.

Facet Fountain

Facet Fountain in brownstone in the backyard

With a uniquely sculpted square-shaped design, this two-tiered modern zen garden fountain featured in a striking greystone color chicly enhances a modern or contemporary garden, backyard, or patio. The Facet Fountain is available in 14 different color options to suit your unique style and taste. Each color is designed to age naturally over time when exposed to the elements. Combine this fountain's zen energy with the refreshing scents of flowers in your garden to create a tranquil, holistic experience that soothes every cell in your body. This fountain is sure to make itself the ultimate showpiece in any outdoor setting. Stroll, meditate or tend to your backyard plants as the serene flow of water soothes your senses after a long day.

Antique Yuan Yin Fountain

Antique Quan Yin Fountain in aged limestone against white backdrop

The energy that enters any home is crucial to how the abode nurtures its residents. Cultivate this energy by placing this zen water feature at an entrance point. The Antique Yuan Yin Fountain is a tribute to Quan Yin, the goddess of compassion and mercy. This water feature will welcome guests with warmth and sincerity and cast a protective and stabilizing energy over your home. The sight of this elegant fountain is a reassuring and welcoming presence especially when placed near entrances. Carefully constructed from cast stone, this water feature is available in 14 different color options to complement a wide range of outdoor settings.

Katsura with Pedestal Fountain

Katsura Fountain with pedestal in nero nuovo in action

The Asian-inspired Katsura Fountain with Pedestal is boldly stunning in its simplicity. Its straight and streamlined tiers along with its daring Nero Nuovo finish make it a statement piece in any outdoor setting. This modern 355 pound water feature exudes a tranquil Zen aura, transforming your property into a haven for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Set in a lush garden or courtyard, this fountain provides a calming water source, inviting the eyes to observe the serene flow of water from one tier to the other. Conveniently customizable in your choice of 14 different color options.

Small Del Rey Fountain

Small Del Rey Fountain in french limestone in the backyard

The Small Del Rey Fountain is unassuming and understated in its beauty. This two-tiered circular fountain is a versatile yet artful water feature that blends into almost any outdoor space with ease. Sit beside this relaxing water fountain with a cup of your favorite calming herbal tea to enjoy its simple and modest elegance. It produces calming sounds with water that flows through four copper channels into its lower basin, slowing down time and elevating peaceful energy. This cast stone fountain is available in 14 color finishes that will transform your garden, courtyard or patio into a relaxing, meditative oasis.

Buddha Fountain

Buddha Fountain on wooden floor in action

Bring serene and zen-like Buddhist energy into your outdoor space with this stunning Buddha Fountain. The soothing and tranquilizing sounds of this fountain encourage reflection, meditation, and quiet contemplation. Experience the soul-cleansing, magnetic presence of this tranquil Buddha fountain in garden, courtyard or patio settings. This buddha head water fountain is sure to become a charming focal point in any outdoor space. Bask in the beauty of this durable glass fiber reinforced concrete fountain with its array of natural and acrylic color options to choose from. Let your mind and soul float away as you gaze upon this great Buddha fountain.

Echo Park Fountain

Echo Park Fountain in alpine stone in the backyard

The simple, circular Echo Park Fountain is an understated yet very chic modern outdoor bubbler fountain. Its minimalist design easily complements a variety of outdoor styles ranging from modern and contemporary to minimalist and industrial. Its sculpted disc shape makes it a stunning centerpiece that will capture attention and admiring glances when placed in garden, courtyard, or patio settings. The soft ripples of water from the bubbler create a sense of serenity and peaceful energy in its surroundings.

Cascade Fountain

Cascade Fountain in travertine in the backyard

Looking for a stylish yet understated fountain to elevate the aesthetic of your patio or garden? Then the small tiered Cascade Fountain would be perfect for you. As water cascades down from one tier to the next, it creates a delightful sensory experience for everyone to enjoy. Choose from an array of 14 different colors to complement your outdoor décor. Place this fountain near other garden accents like planters, statues, and stone benches with a similar color palette for a truly splendid exterior. This modest yet stunning water feature instantly enhances any outdoor space.

Zen III Fountain

Zen III Fountain in english moss in the backyard

The Zen III outdoor water fountain is perfect for adding a touch of humor and fun to your outdoor space. With meditating frogs forming the base, this durable cast stone water feature is whimsical and eye-catching. Make it a companion next to flower beds, lush greenery, or as the centerpiece on a balcony to delight family and guests. Enjoy the tranquil sound of bubbling water from this fountain while meditating, or dining outside. With fanciful frogs and bubbling water, this fountain is sure to bring lightness and joy to any outdoor setting.

Large Girona Fountain

Large Girona Fountain in greystone in the backyard

The Large Girona cast stone fountain is the perfect centerpiece in your modern or contemporary garden. Its low-level base and circular shape are inspired by a modern and minimalist design. With 14 different color finishes, this fountain seamlessly blends in with simple or ornate backyard settings adding style and sophistication. The gently bubbling water creates a striking focal point that captures attention and adulation. This stone fountain will surely impress both family and guests alike.

Falling Water 2 Fountain

Falling Water 2 Fountain in alpine store in the backyard

If you want a truly unique, over-the-top beautiful backyard, why not get your own waterfall fountain? This sleek water feature has a contemporary vibe, modernizing a garden into one that looks like it has been professionally designed. The Falling Water 2 Fountain is available in 14 different color options so it harmonizes well against walls with varying color palettes. Surround your fountain with bright flowers or lush greenery to add to its beauty and allure. The soothing and continuously streaming sounds from the waterfall masks any unwelcome and disturbing noises while providing a sensory escape from everyday life with its surreal beauty and sound.

Platia Fountain

Platia Fountain in aged limestone in the backyard

The Platia 3-tiered cast stone fountain is eye-catching in its simplicity and unadorned style. This circular water fountain will complement many different styles of outdoor décor with its 14 different color options. Its stunning beauty will take center stage in backyards, courtyards, or patio settings. As water flows gracefully from tier to tier, feelings of serenity and zen will permeate your inner being and outer surroundings. The tranquility of the cascading waters imparts a soothing ambiance that calms your soul. Embrace the beauty of this magical fountain and create your own backyard paradise.

Del Rey Fountain

Del Rey Fountain in alpine stone in the backyard

If you are looking for a large outdoor fountain that acts as a stunning statement piece, then look no further than the Del Rey Fountain. This modern and chic fountain looks striking in a variety of outdoor settings. As the water gently streams into the larger basin of this cast stone water feature, it brings a soothing and peaceful energy to its surroundings. The four copper channels through which water flows add a hint of color and class. Customizable in 14 different patinas, this fountain is made to suit various tastes and preferences.

Falling Water 3 Fountain

Falling Water 3 Fountain in verde in the backyard

This unique outdoor waterfall fountain embraces modern and minimalist design elements with its clean, straight, and simple lines. The copper water spiller adds surprising visual interest and allure. The Falling Water 3 Fountain is exceptionally calming, both as a visual and an auditory experience. The streaming water puts you in a relaxed state of mind and creates a beautiful ambiance for family and friends to admire and enjoy. It's sleek design is crafted to effortlessly enhance manicured landscapes, garden walls, and sun-drenched courtyards.

Portola Pebble Fountain

Portola Pebble Fountain in greystone in action

The decorative pebbles in the stunning, 121 pound Portola bubbler fountain contribute to its natural and earthy presence. The diverse colors, shapes and sizes of the stones enhance and complement the beauty of this cast stone water feature.

Transform your garden, patio, courtyard, or terrace into a peaceful, visually pleasing sanctuary with the Portola Pebble Fountain. The gentle sound of water bubbling softly near the pebbles creates a soothing auditory experience that is relaxing and rejuvenating to the senses. Select from 14 different colors to customize this water feature to your own taste and preference.

Girona Fountain

Girona Fountain in alpine stone in the backyard

The circular Girona Fountain combines avant-garde modernity with traditional simplicity. This cast stone fountain comes in a range of 14 beautiful color options to complement any outdoor setting and style. The central water bubbler has a soothing and spellbinding effect that's eye-catching and captivating. The textured lines surrounding the basin add an interesting twist and element of detail. This water feature is the perfect addition to contemporary gardens, sunlit courtyards, and patio settings with its understated elegance and zen like vibes.


These 20 zen water fountains are beautifully crafted to enhance the positive vibes and energy in your outdoor space. They are visually appealing and alluring, while their zen-like energy and aura create a relaxing and tranquil ambiance. These water features promote a feeling of inner peace and oneness with nature. Select from a wide range of sizes, shapes, styles, and colors to suit your personality and outdoor space.

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