Fountain Auto Refill Device Stopper #10 Campania International
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    Save time and effort with this water fountain float valve! As you're running your fountain each day, you will naturally experience water loss. This is due to fountain splash and water evaporation especially if you live in a hot climate. This convenient fountain auto filler eliminates the need to refill your fountain as it loses water each day.

    This handy refill device automatically maintains your fountain's water level at a height that you desire. This auto fill water level control device allows you to operate your fountain on autopilot. Once it's installed, you can enjoy listening to the calming sound of water from your fountain without the hassle of continuously adding water to it by hand.

    DIMENSIONS:  6.00"L x 3.00"W x 5.00"H

    Weight: 3 lbs.


    Campania Fountain Auto Refill Device Stopper #10 Assembly Instructions

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    Enjoy Easy Water Refilling with the Campania Fountain Water Float Valve Auto Refill Device, #10

    This water fountain auto fill system includes everything you need to easily automate the fountain refilling process. The refill device kit includes the following: a float valve on a strong concrete base, a special stopper for Campania International fountains, clear tubing, a pressure relief garden hose or spigot connection, and easy to follow instructions.

    The refill device is positioned in the lowest basin of your Campania International fountain. You then set the device to the height that you prefer. From there, the clear tube is inserted through the custom fountain stopper and connected to a garden hose or spigot. You then turn the water on and the valve in the unit activates when the water level drops below the desired height that you set. It's a very simple and straightforward process.

    * Note: This water auto refill device for outdoor fountains is not compatible with all Campania fountains. Please read the fountain instructions to ensure compatibility. The automatic refill device should be removed from the fountain during winter months to prevent damage to the components.

    Fountain Auto Refil Device Stopper #10 Overview:

    • Maintains your fountain's water level at a height you desire.
    • Automatically refills your fountain's water due to splash or evaporation.
    • Easy and hassle free installation.
    • Avoid damage to the components by removing the refill device during the cold, winter months.
    • This refill device is not compatible with all Campania International fountains. Kindly review your fountain's installation instructions to confirm compatibility.

    Warning: For California Residents-PROP 65

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    Fountain Auto Refill Device Stopper #10 Campania International Reviews

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