Design.Urb Series 1-24" X 20" Planter Campania International
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    Shown in color: Greystone (GS).
    Additional Sizes Available: 1-18" X 16", 1-30" X 26", 1-36" X 32"1- 42" X 36", 1-48" X 36", 2-24" X 16", 2-30" X 20", 2-36" X 20", 2-48" X 20", 2-48" X 24", 3-19" X 24", 3-19" X 29", 3-23" X 30", 3-24" X 36", 3-28" X 31"

    Wondering how to create a cheerful and uplifting atmosphere in your outdoor area? Then the Design.Urb Series 1-24" X 20" planter would be the answer. With its simple and understated design, your favorite green plants and bright flowers will steal the show in this elegant planter. The splash of color will add life and vibrancy to your property. You and your family can enjoy time outside connecting while embracing the beautiful ambiance of your surroundings.

    Outside Dimensions:
    24" diameter X 20" Height
    Base: 13.75" diameter
    Inside Base: 11" diameter
    Inside Top: 21"
    Inside Height: 18.5"


    Care & Maintenance

    WEIGHT: 145 lbs.

    Drain Hole(s): Yes

    Series 1-24" x 20" Planter spec sheet

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    Your Dream Space Made Real with the Campania International Series 1-24" X 20" Planter P-811

    You'll love how one or more of these planters transforms your outdoor area into a beautiful and inviting space that's perfect for relaxation and enjoyment. Whether you're looking to create a tropical paradise, a lush garden, or a serene Zen retreat, this planter is the perfect addition to help you achieve your dream outdoor space.

    Design.Urb Series 1-24" X 20" Planter Overview:

    • Durable and strong for both indoor/outdoor use.
    • High density 7,500 PSI (pounds per square inch) strength cast stone.
    • Locally sourced natural materials.
    • Ages naturally over time in an outdoor environment.
    • Available in 13 exclusive patinas and natural (no patina applied).
    • Pre-installed drainage hole(s).
    • Proudly made in the USA by Campania.

    Additional Sizes:

    • P-825:  48″L x 48"W x 36″H  Base: 31″ diameter  Weight: 775 lbs.
    • P-808:  42″L x 42"W x 36″H  Base: 24″ diameter  Weight: 615 lbs.
    • P-809:  36″L x 36"W x 32″H  Base: 20″ diameter  Weight: 495 lbs.
    • P-810:  30″L x 30"W x 26″H  Base: 17.25″ diameter  Weight: 295 lbs.
    • P-812:  18″L x 18"W x 16″H  Base: 10″ diameter  Weight: 75 lbs.
    Campania International Series1 24 inch by 20 inch planter on white backdrop

    Design.Urb Series 1-24" X 20" Planter Campania International Reviews

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