Design.Urb Series 1-36" X 32" Planter Campania International
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    Shown in color: Greystone (GS).
    Additional Sizes Available: 1-18" X 16", 1-24" X 20", 1-30" X 26", 1- 42" X 36", 1-48" X 36", 2-24" X 16", 2-30" X 20", 2-36" X 20", 2-48" X 20", 2-48" X 24", 3-19" X 24", 3-19" X 29", 3-23" X 30", 3-24" X 36", 3-28" X 31"

    Wondering about how to enhance your garden, patio or courtyard? The Design.Urb Series 1-36" X 32" planter may be just what you're looking for. You'll love its simple, minimalist design and understated elegance. Available in a variety of custom colors to complement your outdoor decor. You'll love filling this planter with vibrant greenery or colorful flowers. It is sure to bring a sense of pride and joy to your day-to-day life.

    Outside Dimensions:
    36" diameter X 32" Height
    Base: 20" diameter
    Inside Base: 15" diameter
    Inside Top: 32.75"
    Inside Height: 30"


    Care & Maintenance

    WEIGHT: 495 lbs.

    Drain Hole(s): Yes

    Series 1-36" x 32" Planter spec sheet

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    Your Outdoor Area Elevated with the Campania International Series 1-36" X 32" Planter P-809

    You will appreciate the modest allure of this planter in your outdoor space. Filled with beautiful flowers and verdant greenery, it is sure to inspire a sense of delight and pleasure in any setting. Soak up the sun and enjoy being outside while having this planter nearby to elevate your mood and outdoor experience.

    Design.Urb Series 1-36" X 32" Planter Overview:

    • Durable and strong for both indoor/outdoor use.
    • High density 7,500 PSI (pounds per square inch) strength cast stone.
    • Locally sourced natural materials.
    • Ages naturally over time in an outdoor environment.
    • Available in 13 exclusive patinas and natural (no patina applied).
    • Pre-installed drainage hole(s).
    • Proudly made in the USA by Campania.

    Additional Sizes:

    • P-825:  48″L x 48"W x 36″H  Base: 31″ diameter  Weight: 775 lbs.
    • P-808:  42″L x 42"W x 36″H  Base: 24″ diameter  Weight: 615 lbs.
    • P-810:  30″L x 30"W x 26″H  Base: 17.25″ diameter  Weight: 295 lbs.
    • P-811:  24″L x 24"W x 20″H  Base: 13.75″ diameter  Weight: 145 lbs.
    • P-812:  18″L x 18"W x 16″H  Base: 10″ diameter  Weight: 75 lbs.
    Campania International Series 1 36 inch by 32 inch planter against white background

    Design.Urb Series 1-36" X 32" Planter Campania International Reviews

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