15 Outdoor Wall Fountain Ideas For an Awe-Inspiring Ambiance

15 Outdoor Wall Fountain Ideas For an Awe-Inspiring Ambiance

Looking for outdoor wall fountain ideas? You've come to the right place. Outdoor Wall fountains add a touch of beauty and elegance to your exterior walls and create a relaxing place to unwind after a long day.

Whether you're looking for a fixture with a timeless design or a contemporary piece for your modern garden, we have you covered!

In this article, we'll showcase 15 stunning and eye-catching outdoor wall fountain ideas that you will love and get inspired by. Let's get started!

Add a Touch of Luxury with a Scalloped-Style Wall Fountain

Andalusia Fountain in Aged Limestone in action

Imagine stepping onto your patio with the elegant Andalusia Fountain as the center of attraction. With its graceful curves and large basin, this fountain exudes timeless beauty and charm. If you're looking for a large water feature that will beautifully blend with your patio or garden walls, then this is the perfect fountain. You can enhance its allure by surrounding it with lush plants in terra cotta containers, creating an inviting and lovely atmosphere. Stunning in both appearance and functionality, this fountain is sure to impress your guests and earn you many well-deserved compliments.

Bring Calmness to Your Surroundings with a Spiritual Fountain

Antique Quan Yin Fountain in Aged Limesttone in action

The Antique Quan Yin Wall Fountain is the perfect mix of spirituality and art in one beautiful masterpiece. This goddess sits in a meditative pose, with one palm open and eyes closed in deep reflection, radiating a serene and peaceful presence. While you can place this fountain in any area, Feng Shui practice recommends putting her near your home's entryway to create a protective aura and energy for your family. You can surround this fountain with a medley of tall and short plants to create depth and dimension while adding a pop of color to your space. You will love the welcoming ambiance this fountain brings to your home, evoking a sense of relaxation and calmness that permeates the entire area.

Enhance Your Wall with the Whimsy of a Dragonfly Fountain

Dragonfly Wall Fountain in Alpine Stone in action

Are you looking for a simple and charming fountain for your yard? Consider getting a Dragonfly Fountain for yourself. This fantastical fountain adds a magical element to your garden with the beautiful carving of dragonflies perched on top of cattail grass. You can position this fountain against a garden wall overgrown with ivy for a whimsical look. When the vines grow over it, the fountain takes on an air of effortless beauty that only comes with time. You can also install LED lights to illuminate the fountain at night.

Welcome the Energy of a Lion with a Regal Wall Fountain

Lion Fountain in Alpine Stone in action

The magnificent Lion Wall Fountain will reign supreme and amaze your guests with its commanding presence. Made from glass fiber-reinforced concrete, this water feature is made to last for years. You will love its traditional design with a lion head spout that creates a soothing water sound. This majestic fountain will look amazing on your patio surrounded by verdant greenery and plants in containers. You can also place a sitting area a few feet away from it so you can enjoy the sound of flowing water in the background.

Make a Statement with a Striking Modern Wall Fountain

MC 5 Fountain in Nero Nuovo in action

Add an interesting piece that will wow guests and family members alike with the MC5 fountain. This contemporary cast stone fountain boasts simple lines and a sleek design. The water beautifully flows from a single pipe towards a wide basin below, creating a hypnotizing and quiet sound. You can place this water feature on a wall filled with creeping ivy or against a bare wall for that truly modern and minimalistic landscape. If you need a beautiful accent for your patio, then this is the fountain for you.

Embrace Classic Charm with an Elegant Wall Fountain

Estancia Wall Fountain in Verde in action

Instantly beautify your courtyard wall with the glorious and elegant look of the Estancia Wall Fountain. Standing at 58 inches in height, this water feature will surely capture anyone's attention. The water pours out of the center of a flower engraved on the wall, then down to two smaller basins below with water spouts where it can fall with uniformity, and finally to a bigger pool. You can place this fountain against your patio walls framed with boxwood plants in containers. You and your family will definitely enjoy this fountain for a long time!

Let Your Space Blossom with a Flower-Engraved Wall Fountain

Sussex Wall Fountain in Alpine Stone in action

Imagine entering your garden - the air is quiet except for that calming sound of flowing water in the background. You look around and your eyes are instantly drawn to the beautiful Sussex Wall Fountain. The floral carving adds a touch of elegance and charm to the space while the sound of water creates a tranquil atmosphere. You may decorate this fountain with clematis and ivy growing up the wall to create a beautiful floral backdrop. If you’re looking to add an accent to your outdoor walls, then this water feature is the perfect choice.

Unwind in Your Garden Sanctuary with a Delightful Cast Stone Fountain

Vence Wall Fountain in Alpine Stone in action

Transform your outdoor space into your dream retreat with the Vence Wall Fountain. This fountain features a simple design with water flowing from a single spout and a handsome basin producing a quiet and steady sound. You can install this fountain in your yard or on your patio against a wall. Frame the bottom with boxwood in elegant pots for added allure and color. To complete your landscape, consider adding LED lights to illuminate your fountain at night.

Infuse Your Space with the Beauty of a Traditional Fountain

St. Aubin Fountain in Verde in action

The elegant and charming St. Aubin Fountain is the perfect addition to your outdoor area. It features a flower spout that spews a steady stream of water toward a handsome square basin creating a relaxing sound. If you want a water feature that will enhance the beauty and style of your space, then this water feature is perfect for you. You can install it against a blank patio wall to make a nice focal point surrounded by pink Geraniums in pots. The graceful arch will draw attention to anyone who sets foot into your home. You can also place LED lights to make it even more alluring.

Create an Eye-Catching Centerpiece with a Tall Wall Fountain

Auberge Fountain in Alpine Stone in action

Instantly transform your outdoor space into a vision of elegance and relaxation with the Auberge Fountain. This stunning cast stone fountain features sleek vertical lines and a charming aesthetic. If you have a small patio space, this fountain is the perfect fit because of its smaller width making it a great accent piece. The water flows from a flower pipe on top of the wall down to a square basin below. You can frame the bottom with plants in terra cotta pots for a pop of color around the fountain.

Experience Royal Elegance With a Lion Head Wall Fountain

Portofino Fountain in Lead Antique in action

Introducing the Portofino Wall Fountain, a true embodiment of elegance and sophistication. Featuring a regal lion head spout, this stunning piece will transform your space into an opulent oasis. The water cascades from its mouth to a wide and attractive basin below, making a soothing sound. You may set this fountain in an open courtyard or in your wide garden amid box plants or trees in pots. Add more appeal by putting in LED lights that will light up the water and make it look beautiful at night.

Capture Attention With A Classic Fountain

Loggia Fountain in Aged Limestone in action

Transform your garden into a serene sanctuary with the enchanting Loggia Wall Fountain. Standing at three feet, this captivating masterpiece will elevate the aesthetic of your outdoor space while soothing your senses with the gentle flow of water. The water flows from a spout on top towards a square basin below, creating a hypnotizing sound in the background. You may use this fountain to make a wonderful, rustic scene when set against a wall covered in common ivy in your courtyard. For a lush appearance, plant some junipers and sweetbox shrubs around the fountain.

Introduce Subtle Charm with a Simple Wall Fountain

Aranjuez Fountain in Travertine in action

Are you looking for a unique and stylish centerpiece? You might want to consider the Aranjuez Fountain. This chic and elegant water feature gives your landscape a touch of refined sophistication while creating a peaceful mood with its gentle water flow. You can't miss its beautiful scalloped wall, which makes it the perfect center point for your patio or open garden. Set this fountain up against a blank wall and accent it with some potted trees of modest size for a splash of color. For added fun, install LED lights in or around the fountain.

Elevate Your Space with a Florally Engraved Fountain

Corsini Wall Fountain in Aged Limestone in action

The Corsini Wall Fountain invites you to step into your dream landscape. Featuring nature-inspired engravings and captivating elegant spirals, this fountain is the perfect masterpiece for your outdoor space. You will love the bold curved wall and how the sound of falling water adds an element of serenity to your surroundings. This fountain will look lovely next to some urns and plants on a patio wall. Add some color with pansies and crocuses in stylish planters.

Embody Contemporary Zen With a Modern Waterfall Fountain

Falling Water 1 Fountain in Alpine Stone in action

Immerse yourself in the epitome of contemporary design with the awe-inspiring Falling Water 1 Fountain. This architectural marvel is the perfect combination of sleek lines, a simple yet elegant look, and a cascading water display that goes beyond traditional fountains. Installing this in your garden will transform your space into a haven of modern sophistication and class. The water cascades down into the square basin generating a gentle and rhythmic sound that you will absolutely love for years to come. You can place this on your patio surrounded by box plants and lush greeneries to tie your whole space together.

We hope that our outdoor wall fountain ideas have been of some inspiration to you. Whether you are drawn to the intricate engravings or the sleek lines of modern designs, there is an outdoor wall fountain for you. Its presence will not only enhance your surroundings but also uplift your spirit, providing a space for solace, relaxation, and rejuvenation.

So, go ahead, let your imagination wander, and let us know what fountain you see yourself leaning toward. If you need more personal advice, we’ll be glad to help you. You can email us at support@theblissfulplace.com or call us at 800-975-4022.

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