15 Waterfall Fountain Ideas For a Totally Relaxing Outdoor Escape

15 Waterfall Fountain Ideas For a Totally Relaxing Outdoor Escape

Searching for waterfall fountain ideas? You’re in the right place. Discover our curated collection of stunning waterfall fountains that will add a touch of tranquility and beauty to your landscape.

Whether you prefer a modern, sleek aesthetic or a more natural and rustic vibe, our collection caters to every preference. Are you ready? Let's dive in!

Elevate Your Space with a Contemporary Waterfall Fountain

Falling Water 2 Fountain in Alpine Stone in action

The Falling Water 2 Fountain perfectly combines modern aesthetics with the soothing sound of water. Featuring clean lines and a sleek silhouette, this fountain creates a contemporary look that complements any outdoor space. The water flows beautifully from the spiller, producing a captivating spectacle as it falls gently into the basin below. You can place this water feature as an eye-catching focal point on your patio, courtyard or garden. Try surrounding it with boxwood plants to create a colorful border that sets the tone for a vibrant oasis.

Transform Your Wall with a Modern Waterfall Fountain

Long Beach Fountain in Greystone in action

Discover the beauty behind simplicity with the Long Beach Fountain. Boasting three simple water spouts and clean, sleek lines, this fountain adds an air of subtle sophistication to any outdoor setting. If you’re looking for a modern centerpiece, this fountain is a great choice. Consider installing it against a patio or garden wall, surrounded by evergreen plants or shrubs, for a lush and vibrant look. You can also create a warm and inviting atmosphere in the evenings by adding ambient lighting in and around the fountain.

Experience the Harmonious Blend of Water and Avian Artistry

Quartet Fountain in Nero Nuovo in action

Your garden will be instantly transformed into a breathtaking retreat with the exquisite Quartet Fountain. Featuring four fluffy cast stone birds perched on top of the fountain, this water feature adds a whimsical touch to your surroundings. With its captivating display of falling water from its copper spiller, this fountain is a visually stunning centerpiece. You can place it near a wall overgrown with ivy for a verdant, lush backdrop. Whether you're looking to create a tranquil oasis or enhance your existing garden design, this fountain is sure to impress both you and your guests.

Make a Bold Impression with a Tall Waterfall Fountain

Mondrian Tall Fountain in Verde in action

Experience the awe-inspiring beauty of the Mondrian Tall Fountain. Standing at 52 inches tall, this magnificent fountain will easily become a head-turning centerpiece in any space. Featuring bold lines that gracefully guide your gaze to water flowing from three spillers, filling your space with a calming sound. Enhance the fountain's beauty by encircling it with exquisite plants in elegant pots, completing the entire look.

Create A Sanctuary of Wisdom and Calm with a Serene Fountain

Antique Quan Yin Fountain in Aged Limestone in the backyard

Find balance and inner peace in your outdoor space with the Antique Quan Yin Fountain. This captivating masterpiece combines the mesmerizing cascade of a waterfall with the serene presence of Quan Yin, the goddess of mercy. If you're looking to create a peaceful haven in your outdoor area, then this fountain is the perfect choice. You can place it against a patio or garden wall, creating a captivating focal point that seamlessly blends with your outdoor ambiance.  Enhance the scene by surrounding the fountain with vibrant greenery, adding an extra touch of natural beauty.

Create A Beautiful Centerpiece with a Round Water Feature

Del Rey Fountain in Alpine Stone on gravel in the backyard

The Del Rey Fountain is a stunning centerpiece that will transform your outdoor space into a haven of tranquility. Its low-profile design, featuring four copper spillers, produces a soothing and melodic sound. It's available in a variety of patinas, from natural to aged limestone, to suit your style and landscape design. You can place this fountain in the middle of your garden as an eye-catching focal point surrounded by low-lying plants and colorful flowers. You'll appreciate how it enriches your outdoor ambiance with its captivating presence.

Transform Your Garden with a Charming 4-Way Spill Fountain

Rittenhouse Fountain in Aged Limestone against red brick wall running

The Rittenhouse Fountain combines elegance and simplicity in one beautiful water feature. As water gently streams from the urn through four copper spillers, it transforms your space into a serene retreat. You can place this fountain as a beautiful centerpiece on your patio or as a focal point in your garden. Surround it with colorful flowers and a medley of plants to enhance the overall ambiance. You'll find yourself spending more time outside, enjoying the beauty of your new surroundings.

Embrace Contemporary Style with a Minimalist Fountain

Facet Fountain in Aged Limestone on gravel running

Are you looking for a fountain that combines modern style and classic elegance? Look no further than the Facet Fountain. This captivating masterpiece features a bubbling center and four water spillers that distribute water toward the bottom tier. You and your family will love the gentle trickle and subtle bubbling from this fountain, filling the air with a calming ambiance you will enjoy together. With its versatile design, this water feature can easily become a stunning centerpiece to a zen-inspired garden or as a simple yet elegant focal point to your patio.

Create an Enchanting Space with a Charming Basin Fountain

Anfora Fountain in Copper Bronze in action

The Anfora fountain is the perfect addition of class and elegance to your garden. Featuring an urn-shaped vessel with elegantly scrolled handles, this fountain is the stunning focal point for your outdoor space. You will love how it creates a soothing sound as water pours over both sides of the vessel into the pool below. For an alluring landscape, consider placing this water feature near your garden wall full of climbing ivy. Install LED lights to make the fountain more visible at night and add a dramatic effect to the surroundings.

Make a Bold Statement with a Unique Waterfall Fountain

The Falling Water 3 Fountain is an understated focal point that will redefine your outdoor space. With its sleek lines and uncluttered design, this fountain will suit any modern or contemporary setting. It features a unique rectangular basin with a copper spiller that produces a dramatic waterfall effect and a soothing sound of water. For an idyllic landscape, frame the fountain with boxwood plants that will give it a nice pop of color and create a lush background. You can also use LED lights to create a dramatic effect.

Enjoy the Simple Style of a Contemporary Waterfall Fountain

X3 Fountain in Verde in action

Introducing the epitome of serene elegance, the X3 Fountain. This fountain is a testament to understated beauty with its modern design, elegant water flow, and charming turtle doves. It has three water spouts that create a relaxing sound as they pour water into a simple rectangular basin. You will love how its sleek lines and clean look effortlessly elevate your minimalist landscape to new heights of style. You can enhance its beauty by planting evergreen plants near it, such as boxwood, juniper, or holly. These plants will create a lush and green backdrop for your fountain and make it stand out even more.

Enhance Your Ambiance with a Streaming Waterfall Fountain

Austin Fountain in Alpine Stone in action

Are you looking for a simple yet elegant fountain for your outdoor area? Look no further than the captivating Austin Fountain. It features a bowl with two streams of water falling down the handsome pool below. With its calming sound and endearing appearance, this water feature is perfect in front of your house to welcome guests or as a focal point on your patio. For added allure and drama, illuminate the fountain with LEDs to foster a cozy atmosphere. You can also add greeneries with large foliage around the fountain and create a verdant background.

Adorn Your Outdoor Space with a Charming Rustic Fountain

Borghese in Basin Fountain in Travertine running in the backyard

Turn your dream yard into reality with the Borghese in Basin Fountain as the centerpiece. The fountain features a round finial that bubbles water with an elegant-shaped urn tier and a basin that catches the water streams. If you have a verdant garden or yard, its rustic beauty and old-world charm will fit right into your home. You can position this fountain as a point of interest in your spacious courtyard, surrounded by lush foliage in varying colors and textures. Strategically placed LED lights will also add visual interest by highlighting the stream and shape of the fountain.

Bring a Waterfall Sound to Small Spaces with a Frog Fountain

Mini Element Zen Frog Fountain in English Moss near cactus in the backyard

Don't have the space for a big fountain? Experience the same serenity and captivating presence of outdoor fountains with the Mini Element Zen Frog Fountain. This fountain is the perfect blend of calm and whimsy in a small package. This charming masterpiece brings a touch of nature into your home or office and creates a soothing background while you work. The sound of water is a calming companion while the adorable frog perched on top, seemingly at peace with its surroundings, brings a smile to your face. You can place it on your tabletop or desk, allowing you to enjoy the soothing benefits of flowing water wherever you go.

Elevate Your Contemporary Landscape with a Minimalist  Fountain

Square One Fountain in Nero Nuovo in action

Elevate your outdoor space to new heights of modern sophistication with the Square One Fountain. This stunning, free-standing masterpiece embodies the perfect fusion of sleek minimalism and timeless elegance. The water bubbles from the center of the square upper tier and falls into four copper spillers towards the basin below, creating a mesmerizing display of movement. You will love its minimalist design and how it effortlessly complements any modern landscape. If you’re looking for the perfect accent piece, then this is the one for you. You can install this fountain near your walkway or on your patio where your guests can admire its tranquil effects.

We hope you found inspiration from our list of waterfall fountain ideas. Waterfall fountains are a great way to add beauty and tranquility to your outdoor space. Whether you prefer a modern, minimalist design or a more traditional and ornate look, we have a waterfall fountain fit for you.

So why wait? Transform your outdoor space into a serene oasis with a stunning waterfall fountain today! If you need more assistance, you can email us at support@theblissfulplace.com or call us at 800-975-4022.

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